Welcome to the newcomers professional network hub.

Helping newcomers expand their network and advance in their careers

Newcomer Network offers a proven framework for newcomers and immigrants to Canada to adapt to the local professional environment and ensure that they thrive in their careers.

By connecting newcomers with other newcomers who have successfully established themselves in their careers and experienced executives, members use speed mentoring sessions, dinners, and panels to overcome work issues and build their careers.


Together, we succeed!


Job Search Journey

Workshops hosted by experienced newcomers and experts in career development to understand, prepare and nail the job search process in Canada. We also provide a step-by-step guide to help you during your journey.


Successful Newcomers Panels

Get together with successful newcomers, learn from their experience and answer questions you have about your career.


Speed Mentoring

Series of short, focused conversations with professional executives in different industries, and the most effective and efficient way to grow your network.

Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching

Find an experienced peer that can guide you through your career development journey, following Newcomer Network coaching framework.


What would you like to achieve?

We've been there and know that adapting to a new country and job market is not easy, there are many challenges to overcome but we're here to HELP!

What is you priority?

Find your ideal job

Our 8-step process and workshops will guide and help you understand how to apply successfully to job opportunities in the Canadian Job market

Identify the career advancement opportunities in your industry

Join our panels and dinners where you can discuss strategies to overcome your career challenges with industry leaders and executives

Expand your network

Join our speed mentoring sessions with professional executives in your field of expertise to grow your network in less than an hour

Expand, refine and build new skills or experience

Work together with experienced newcomer professionals in your industry, following our coaching framework to acquire the skills and experience you need to advance in your career

Want to start your own business

Join our entrepreneurship events with experts in the industry and successful entrepreneurs that will walk you through the process of starting your own business

Improve your communication skills

We all came from different countries and there’s always room for improvement in this area. Join our workshops and check the resources we have available for you

Understand the Canadian workplace culture

You successfully got the job and now you need to figure out how to be successful in your new workplace. Get a good start by understanding the underlying beliefs and values of the Canadian culture

Meet new people at social and wellness events

Get together with the members of the community in different social settings where you will enjoy picnics, drinks, coffee chats, bike rides, and trips to art galleries or museums

If any of these sounds like what you need, join our community!

Friends connecting with friends to help each other

What's Newcomer Network?

We are a professional newcomers network that helps each other to succeed in the Canadian job market.

In this community, you will meet members at different stages of the career development process, from various industries and seniority levels who will be able to guide you at whichever step you are in the process.

You will meet people that finally understand what you're talking about when you want to translate your experience and put it in a resume, cover letter, interview, or elevator pitch. On top of that, we provide tools, resources, workshops and programs created by industry experts to help you navigate the barriers along the way to your main goal, whatever that goal might be: a new promotion, creating your own business, becoming a better manager, you name it!

Last but not least, we can't leave aside your wellbeing, this is a stressful journey! We know the right people, places and tools to cheer you up and support you when you need it the most.

It's just like joining a group of old friends from school. You will feel confident to open up, ask for help, help someone along the way as well as improve professionally and personally.

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