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$300 CAD for a year membership!
(25 CAD per month). 

8-step proven process to find your ideal job

A step-by-step guide and workshops hosted by experts in career development and experienced newcomers to understand, prepare and nail the job search process in Canada


Find an experienced peer that can guide you through your career development journey, following Newcomer Network coaching framework to understand the Canadian workplace culture and overcome career advancement challenges

Special events and workshops

We will host workshops to improve your communication skills, and for those interested in starting their own business

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Speed Mentoring

Series of short, focused conversations with professional executives in different industries, and the most effective and efficient way to grow your network

Successful Newcomers Panel

Panels and dinners where you can discuss strategies to overcome your career challenges with industry leaders, guest executives and experienced newcomers

Be part of a community

Get together with the members of the community in different social settings where you will enjoy picnics, drinks, coffee chats, bike rides, even trips to art galleries or museums

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