The more people you meet, the closer you are to getting your ideal job

Did you find the Speed Mentoring session helpful and want to connect with more professionals in your industry? Sign up to our Speed Mentoring Program and get access to:

  • 3 speed mentoring sessions with professional executives in different industries hosted by Newcomer Network.

  • Our private Speed Mentoring Slack group, where you will have access to more experienced professionals and support.  

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Networking is a practice that requires consistency

The more people you meet, the more opportunities you will have to connect with key professionals that could link you with your ideal job! You already know all the time and effort that you can save with our Speed Mentoring, so let's stay in this process together! 

With our guide and support, you will learn how to have a successful meeting, and get clear on the next steps to advance in your career. Most importantly, we will save you time and effort as we've done the hard work of contacting the right professionals to mentor you!

Friends connecting with friends to help each other

What's Newcomer Network?

We are a professionals' newcomers network that helps each other to succeed in the Canadian job market.

In this community, you will find newcomers at all stages of the onboarding process. You will meet members at different stages of the career development process, industry and seniority so they will be able to guide you at whatever step you are in the process.

You will meet people that finally get what you're talking about when you want to explain your experience and put it in a resume, cover letter, interview, or elevator pitch. On top of that, we provide tools, resources, workshops and programs built with industry experts to help you eliminate the bottlenecks along the way to your main goal: that director role, creating your own business, become a better manager, you name it!

Last but not least, we can't leave aside you are wellbeing, this is a stressful journey! We know the right people, places and tools to cheer you up and support you when you need it the most.

It's just like joining a group of old friends from school. You will feel confident to open up, ask for help, help someone along the way and improve professionally and personally.

Juliana Gutierrez

Juliana Gutierrez

Co-Founder of Newcomer Network, and Sales & Marketing Operations Passionate
Paula Montenegro

Paula Montenegro

Co-Founder of Newcomer Network, and Marketing & Branding Entusiast

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